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Abednego Greene Malcolm

Abednego Greene Malcolm

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and (McNairy),

Abednego, Malcolm Green, Malcolm Green and Malcolm also known as the Greenbury was born some records, September 18, 1821 in Frankfurt, near the state of Kentucky. The Green, Nathaniel orphan when he was nine years old, a former combatants in the War of 1812 Revolutionary War I Veteran, and grandson of war famous revolutionary.

By profession, and graduated as a doctor Malcolm Green, Edinburgh, Scotland, from the Faculty of Medicine. He traveled widely throughout Europe, Asia and parts of the Islands of Fiji and the time of Commodore Perry to Japan with him for refusing an offer.

June 9, 1846 Mexican War, he was in Louisville, Kentucky Service Regiment 1 (Marshall) on the Kentucky horsemen who worked with him. Patterson camp, originally submitted on October 31 in the state of Texas, and his unit in December 1846 in Monterrey, Mexico is. During his Mexican War saw action in the battle of water Nacoa in the Battle of Buena Vista was with General Taylor.

He said that the battle where he received a wound caused by the Mexican cavalry took the mark. Later, with the Scot year was the fall of Mexico City in the fall of the castle town was the second man on the wall.

Service from June 1, 1847 in New Orleans after that came out of the war. Chronic dysentery during the war, he did not receive the contract.

In 1848, he went to California where he earned a fortune, fires, floods and Indian raids of the reasons for fighting the Indians lost all the next state of Texas, and spent two years of the border.

June 15, 1861, and the United States at the opening meeting between the war, and a battalion recruited 1, (f McNairy), Tennessee Cavalry serving in the rank of captain. Kentucky and Tennessee to work in your campaign includes the involvement of federal troops and Georgia before falling into the hands of the last train out of Atlanta, is.

Between States and the defeat of South Korea after the war, rather than endure the harassment and humiliation, and said: "Emaar", Mexico, where the Confederate soldiers, other like-minded, he traveled to help plant a colony of Confederation.

A farm in Mexico after its colony, and Atlanta, Georgia, where he plans to ex-Confederate soldiers and their families to organize the colony returned. Determined in the spring of 1867, three families of the colony on his way to New Orleans where the Spanish Honduras (Republic of Honduras) paved the way for this book.

Despite the difficulties they face, near Fort Puerto Cortes Omoa, access, and Malcolm's main inland areas in terms of Comayagua Honduras, Honduras, and said he had met with representatives of the Republic and President of the Republic submitted a letter to Medina on refugees South led Honduran immigrant settlement and citizenship for reasons of them, some of the ideas and the provision of services in return for concessions are:

"Gentlemen: The undersigned emphasize provision of respect for your consideration that ten days after April 10, and I seventieth souls, and their beautiful with the immigrants arrived in the city of Omoa these people, and men. It can be said of women and children who are the best of South America to the United States, resulting in to thousands of people may consist of, and we want our homeland.

That our country and freedom seems to be lost.

What make our country before it was destroyed by our enemies.

Our desire to become citizens of the Republic at the same time, it can be a part of our people, to demand security with our lives, and protect you from foreign invasion, and our country new to do our duty as a whole.

We come among you that unfortunately we have great, because the latter, many of us very poor condition, and will move forward without opening speech, then the following privileges and asked to donate to our cause as it should. ... With the highest consideration, and I, gentlemen, obedient servant. "(Signed) G. Malcolm Comayagua, Honduras, California, May 3, 1867.

Colonization of them to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and President of the Republic in honor of the "Medina" shortly after naming the colony, to do so under the control of the Council decided to put their local government, you must create a colony in order to complete the interest or the interests of any of the questions that are likely to affect care to avoid the need to assemble a public meeting held after the election of delegates:

Chairman Malcolm as its officer, Pirkle LG, HH Briers, George WaltersJ. H. Wade, and b Goldsmith, Secretary.

Malcolm was leading after the Immigration Minister, appointed by the Government of the Republic of Honduras to facilitate the transition to a new colony of our visitors.

About 1870, Malcolm remove the key to the state of Texas, where he was 11 in 1906 December Malakoff, Henderson County, Texas, he remained until his death. Chairman Malcolm married twice took the first roar of Nannie Susan Francis, Thomas and Elizabeth (strong) San Jacinto Lee County, Texas, the daughter of the second. Many of the descendants of these marriages spring Mon Burial of President Malcolm Texas currently Oak Memorial Cemetery in Malakoff, Henderson County.

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